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A few tips for women planning a long distance triathlon

A few tips for women planning a long distance triathlon

June 28, 2018

These tips are taken from the book “IRONWOMEN”-Iron wish, iron will, ironwoman by Tiffany Jolowicz.

SWIM: Don’t swim too fast, this sounds counter-intuitive, but for some reason my body thinks that swimming fast and furious is athletic and efficient. For me this is not true, I think I am going faster but really am going slower as my technique sinks into the sand. I have learned I literally have to slow my arm movement and reduce the speed of each stroke. Obviously practice helps but once in the race I have an image of a rowing 8 gliding over a pristine lake in silent and perfect formation. This helps me lengthen my stroke, make it more deliberate and technically more precise. This in turn slows my heart rate.

SWIM: Kill off brutally and immediately those annoying fears, which surface the minute the feet touch the water. Sometimes they are fears of the fish below me, sometimes the people pushing and shoving around me, sometimes choking on a tiny amount of swallowed water will set me off. I sing loudly in my head, when even a shadow of one of these fears enters my mind, “And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s mountains green, etc.” I sing all four verses and then I am usually back in control again.

BIKE: Good bike prep is strong legs. The best advice I have here is not to bike and bike and bike it is to do two half an hour gym sessions only for legs. Be tough here, sweat hard, feel those legs the next day, push for more each time. Watch the cellulite disappear, the varicose veins diminish and know your legs look good in shorts and skirts.

BIKE: Don’t worry about how heavy your bike is; lose weight instead, it is cheaper.

RUN: On race day you can run further than you imagine. Even if your quads are screaming and your calf muscles seem as tight as the bands on your kids’ braces, you run. You stop the chatter between the voices in your head about “walking just for a while” by setting yourself the Water Table Challenge. You run the entire distance to the table and then as a reward you allow yourself to walk the entire duration of the water station. This enables you to double-task, reload on energy AND rest those legs. You will notice with this plan that you will over take the people who run through the water tables. Count them.

RUN: Go heavy partying and then run for two hours the next morning, this awful feeling comes close to how you will feel during the run part of an ultra distance triathlon.

TRAINING: If you can’t be bothered to train one day and this feeling hits us all, but sometimes you just don’t want to tackle the “I really should” versus “I just don’t want to” demons then tackle one of those tasks in your house you have been meaning to do for ages. Organise the loft or garage or playroom. Deliberately walk far, carry heavy boxes, drop stuff off at the dump, and run up your stairs. You will feel good about tidying up and you will have had a different type of work out.

Ironwoman: “Plan your finishing photo, you don’t want to share your crossing-the-line-moment with anyone else, let him/her pass and then take all the glory as if you won.”

If you like what you read check out Tiffany’s book “Ironwomen” on

This book contains funny, emotional & inspiring revelations from 40 ordinary women who took on a Herculean challenge and turned their lives inside out to make it happen.  Much more than tips on training, nutrition & equipment, it records in detail how these IRONMAN Switzerland and UK athletes overcame fears and failures, how they delighted in their strengths and success and how they all emerged as stronger, more courageous women.

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