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Be a different triathlete in 2018 – begin your transformation now!

Be a different triathlete in 2018 – begin your transformation now!

October 2, 2017

As the end of the triathlon season draws nearer, you may be thinking about what to do next in terms of training. Off season training can feel harder to plan as you’re not working towards an event but it is a great time to focus on a specific discipline and really see some improvements.

Transform yourself with help from! have developed the Transformer Series of 12 week programs that can really keep you motivated and on track throughout the winter season.

You can start our Transformer programs at any time but training is more fun and it is easier to stay on track when you are part of a group. Our next Transformer group programs start on November 6th and November 20th. You will be a more skilled and stronger triathlete by Christmas! How exciting is that!

Transform Your Swim

Swimming is often cited as many triathlete’s weakest discipline, so now is a great time to make some serious improvements. If you want to swim more efficiently, swim faster and become a better triathlete swimmer before the next season, then this 12 week plan can make all the difference. Designed to focus on improving your swimming skill, and developing your fitness and swim strength, you will see minutes coming off your swim time, with a few weeks. There are two levels of this program, so it’s tailored to you whether you are at the beginning of your triathlon journey, or if you are further along the line and more advanced.

Find out more and get on board here.

Transform Your Triathlon Core

If you want to be a stronger, more durable athlete next season then improving your core and tri specific muscle strength can make all the difference. Across the board this will improve your swim, bike and run performance.

The 12 week course teaches you core specific exercises that will fire up your muscles and help you to improve both your strength and your speed. By building stronger muscles in your upper and lower body, combined with improving your core strength between the two, your body will begin to work more efficiently.

Again, there are two levels of this program, so it will work for you if you haven’t done any core training for the last year, or if you’re already including strength work in your training but want a more targeted approach.

Find out more and get on board here.

Transform Your Running

Because running is seen as something “anyone can do” it’s easy to forget that there is a skill involved, particularly if you want to run more efficiently and stay injury free. This 12 week program will help you to run faster and become a better triathlete runner in the 2018 season.

This course will help you to build on your running skill, your endurance and then will build upon making you stronger and faster. There are two levels, so it’s suitable whether you seeking that sub 30 minute 5k or even aiming for the sub 20 minutes! You must be niggle free to start this program!

Find out more about this program and get on board here.

New programs

If you’re thinking about running an off season marathon or half-marathon to keep up your level of training through the winter, then why not take a look at’s specific Half Marathon Training for Triathletes and Marathon Training for Triathletes programs, as these will help you to achieve your marathon goal whilst maintaining your triathlon performance. You can purchase these plans here.

How to buy

Our Transformer series plans can be purchased here as a one off payment with full 30 day refund if you are not satisfied – or you can receive these programs for no additional cost if you are a CTS Training Club member – join here for £9.99 per month.

Race distances

Race distances

For the absolute beginners and children to the professional triathletes, the Castle Triathlon Series offers a wealth of race distances to suit all levels.

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We would always recommend training in preparation for any event, but how much you do, and the style you take is down to you.

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