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Christmas training tips

Christmas training tips

You can give yourself a festive break!

December 16, 2014

There is no need to fret at Christmas about fitting in training around partying or how unfit you are going to get over the festive period. Here are some top tips from training coach Andrea Whitcombe.

Use Christmas week as an easier week. Most athletes build their training up over 3-4 weeks and then have a lighter, recovery week. This recovery week isn’t a week of complete rest but where training volume is reduced for several days to give your body and mind time to recharge and feel ready to tackle the next training block. If you don’t usually have a complete rest day, a recovery week is the ideal week to pencil one in.

Plan your week in advance. Write in shorter sessions which can still include some quality. For example if you usually do hill repeats in a run or bike session that takes an hour or more, substitute this for 30-40 minutes running/biking over a route that incorporates several tough hills.  A swimming time trial over 400m-1000m to see where you are at fitness wise can be an ideal shorter session even with a good warm up and cool down. A swim time trial is a great bench mark so you or your coach can set goals based on your current fitness.

If you are keen not to pile on too many extra pounds over this period try to opt for some slightly healthier options when possible. Substitute creme fraiche or natural yoghurt for double cream, a wine spritzer (wine with fizzy water) for wine or beer, lean turkey meat for red meat, open top mince pies instead of the traditional mince pie, sour cream and chive dip for tomato salsa dip. These are all great lower calorie alternatives.

Finally there are fun ways to work out without even having to put on your run, bike or swim kit. The following are great forms of exercise:- hours of shopping for last minute Christmas presents, dancing all night at the office party, walking to or from family and friends instead of taking a taxi, wrapping presents and putting up the Christmas decorations!

Come on, it is Christmas so enjoy this time and don’t feel too guilty about over indulging for a day or two.

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