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by Andrea Whitcombe

May 17, 2019

Are you new to running or perhaps you are an athlete looking to improve your run fitness?  Either way, the following tips could help your running training be a more effective and enjoyable experience.

The beginner:  Start easy.  If necessary combine a mixture of walking and running.  As you get fitter, run more and walk less.  Progress the duration gradually adding a few minutes each week.

The advanced:  Go easy when on an easy day, but go hard on a hard day.  Sounds obvious, but a lot of runners train in the ‘grey’ area too often, never taking it easy enough to recover and therefore not being able to run hard on the days when it counts.


The beginner:  Try not to run on consecutive days.   Fill the in between days with cross training to give your running muscles a rest.  Once you have developed a solid base, you can run more often.

The advanced:  If you are already an established runner, experiment with the occasional double run day.  This is when you run twice in one day, preferably a short one in the morning and a longer or harder run in the evening.  This is a great way to build fitness but does heighten the risk of injury so be careful.


The beginner:  Don’t worry about pace or speed.  Run as you feel and use your breathing as a guide to how hard you are training.  It’s good to listen to your body and back off if it’s feeling too hard.

The advanced:  Within your weekly training include a threshold run – a pace that is comfortably hard, or one that you could just about sustain for up to an hour in a race.  These threshold runs should be incorporated into your programme along with faster running and slow recovery runs.


The beginner:  Try not to run on the same terrain or gradient all the time.  Mix it up with some of your sessions off road and others on a route with undulations.  Running on a softer surface can ease the impact on your joints and your core will benefit from the increased demand for balance and stability.

The advanced:  Running off road or on trails has the advantage of altering your running gait, shortening your stride on technical sections and use different muscle groups to road running.  Don’t neglect the hills either as these are great to build endurance, increase strength and improve running economy.  Mix your hill training up, short fast hills for speed and power or longer hills for strength and endurance.


The beginner:  Run with a friend or group for motivation. Running groups can be inspiring and encouraging and you will be surprised at how much you can learn from other runners.  Meeting others weekly will get you into a routine to training regularly.

The advanced:  Running in a group, especially with athletes aiming for similar goals or race times can be a real advantage.  For example a track session can be much more enjoyable and achievable if a different runner leads each repetition.  You will often find that little bit extra and dig deeper when running with others.

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