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Global communications specialist, and the Castle Triathlon Series celebrate a marriage of 10 years

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May 24, 2018

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the Castle Triathlon Series, celebrating over 100,000 competitors and raising over a £million for charity. It also marks the ten-year partnership with Official Communications Partner, The world of communications over the last ten years has changed dramatically, but the consistent and most valued method of SMS text messaging still helps the triathlete community and experience.

Over the last ten years, the Castle Triathlon Series’ competitors have, and will continue to benefit from a personalised text message pre-race confirming their wave number, time, race number and water temperature. This streamlines the registration process and makes the event day run more smoothly. Furthermore, on event day spectators can track their friends and family in action through live tracking links, and finally post-race each competitor receives a personal text with their race results and time split.

We asked Bulk SMS a few questions about the evolving communications sphere and the benefit to the sports community:

Q: How does SMS text messaging rate in the overall communication mix in 2018?
A: SMS is one of the most immediate, reliable and convenient platforms for short and important communications. We believe that the aim of SMS communications should be to make life easier for the message recipient, not to occupy attention and bombard customers with irrelevant information.

We have seen a noted increase in brand engagement via social channels, not only on social media, but through instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. These

channels have, for the most part, been platforms for personal engagement, channels where you would primarily connect with family and friends. As businesses increasingly use these channels, the boundaries of privacy are being pushed. If we compare SMS to a postal service delivering a parcel, they deliver it to you at your front door and leave straight away. In other words, the sender knows the message, or in this the parcel, has been delivered to your house, but no more. Whereas with instant messaging, through the “delivered” and “read” indicators, it equates to the postman knowing when you are home, inviting themselves in and making sure you receive, open and perhaps even provide feedback on the parcel. This can be quite invasive as a consumer.

We need to remember that most instant messaging apps are voluntarily downloaded and require data to access, whereas SMS functionality is inherently built into all devices and available with or without an internet connection.

Q: Do you have many sports clubs or sporting events using SMS to communicate with their members?
A: Increasingly yes, we have quite a large number of sports clubs across the globe using SMS to ensure timely communication with members and participants. From gyms, to swimming clubs and even stand up paddle boarding and freeride skiing events. The use cases of SMS are broad, and in every case, useful. For example, Jasna Adrenalin chose SMS to communicate with the skiers as they were able to get their messages delivered to participants from different countries, even when travelling abroad and with limited access to data. RASCALS swimming club (based in Derbyshire) uses SMS to notify members of swimming and lifesaving events, outstanding payments, pool closures and general Club information. A feature of SMS that they particularly appreciate is that they can send important information at short notice, ensuring that all members know immediately of impromptu changes that may require them to reschedule their plans for the day.

Q: How do you see SMS continuing to benefit triathletes and the Castle Triathlon Series competitors?
A: The Castle Triathlon Series uses SMS quite extensively – this benefits the competitors and event in the following ways:

• Enables the coordination of athletes on race day: by sending personalized SMS messages to the competitors a day or two before each event, the competitors know their race numbers, start time and can go quickly through the registration process on race day. This limits delays and ensures competitors know what to expect.
• Last minute updates on race day: If there is an emergency, or a change in event details, an SMS can be sent to all participants detailing the changes. This is useful at events where internet connectivity is limited and emails are not delivered to mobiles.
• Event promotions and invitations: SMS messages can be sent to previous race participants inviting them to take part in the next sporting event, even offering discounts on the entry fee.
• Notifications to staff and volunteers: SMS messages can be sent to all staff and volunteers prior to the event, detailing the event schedule, location, dress code and any other relevant information. The sending of these messages is possibly the most important as without the staff and volunteers, these events would not be as well organized as they are.

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