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Harrison's top 5 Tips for Staying Fit and Getting Through These Challenging Times

Harrison's top 5 Tips for Staying Fit and Getting Through These Challenging Times

By Harrison Rolls-King

March 27, 2020


Aim to still work as close to your normal routine as possible. If you normally swim before going to work in the mornings, get up and do your land based swim session or core workout in substitute before setting up work from home for the day. Maintaining this regular routine will help you structure your day and keep productive throughout out the day. While for some you might be limited on your space available but try to vary where you workout and where you work. I ave found in the last week that if I do my turbo in the garden, core and swim cords in the lounge and my run outside, it really help keep the motivation high and look forward to each workout.


During these times you can find yourself with a bit more time for recovery. This is a great opportunity to work on areas like flexibility and mobility. Identify what areas of the body are most tight and set yourself a goal to say bend over and reach your toes for example. Likewise, with more recovery time can come the temptation to double up on sessions, or block you sessions close together. Be careful and aware of doing this, if you’re not normally doing this it can lead to niggles and injuries, not ideal for this time.


Use FaceTime or apps like ‘Zoom’ to stay in contact with your training pals. Do core workouts together from the safety of your home, take it in turns to suggest an exercise – 45 secs on, 15 sec off. Zwift – if you haven’t had the opportunity to try Zwift in all its glory, NOW is your chance – workout with the pro athletes (see social media for workouts with those like Lucy Charles, bring the outdoors in and ride with friends from your turbo – its brilliant!


Firstly don’t panic buy but now is also a time when you can get experimental in the kitchen – explore new recipes with what you have in your cupboard/fridge.


With so much uncertainty around when racing will be getting started again, my advice is don’t panic. Everyone is in the same boat, there is enough spaces on the start line when it comes to it. Focus on the here and now. Don’t look too far in advance, have a plan with flexibility. Support all different levels of racing if you can; local, national or International events companies. Same goes for sports goods brands also – support each other where you can. If you are really struggling with the fact you can’t race then on your one exercise bout outside a day, challenge yourself on a strava hill climb segment or join a Zwift race or hill climb!

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Race distances

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