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Keeping fit over the festive season

Keeping fit over the festive season

Andrea Whitcombe

November 28, 2018

Training has been ticking along nicely, nothing too hard but fitness is moving in the right direction. However, Christmas is approaching and that could mean lots of parties, mince pies, mulled wine, more parties, mince pies, mulled wine………..

A few days of over indulgence and missed training is ok, a few weeks is not. Forward plan so that you can maintain some fitness over this busy period.

– Be flexible and have alternative shorter workouts to hand. Something is better than nothing at all so if time is tight switch to your substitute session. Replace a long run with a short hilly effort. Swap an endurance cycle for a HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training). Time trial a 400m swim or swap your Speedos for drag shorts to make it tough.

– If you don’t feel ready to tackle harder workouts, instead focus on technique. Sessions can be drill based to help iron out any imperfections. Keep it interesting by trying out various pieces of equipment such as rotation belts for swimming, skipping ropes for run drills and rollers for biking.

– Perhaps you have a few extra days off over Christmas? If so rise early and complete a session before the day is filled up with family or friends. On Christmas Day the roads are often quiet, so this could be an ideal day to squeeze a ride in.

– Arrange to train with fellow athletes so you are not tempted to pass on a workout to go for an unplanned drink in its place. After all, you can’t let a training partner down.

– Swap wine for a lower calorie spritzer and crisps for crudités. Drink water to stay hydrated after an evening of partying, it will make the following day of training much easier!

– Sign up for a race. There are usually plenty of Fun Runs around Christmas time so enter one with family or fellow club members. These events are often low key and fun but should encourage you to keep focused on form over the forth coming weeks.

An enjoyable, relaxed approach to this month will best prepare you for the New Year.

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