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Mental Toughness: KitBrix Triathlon Race Training Tips

Mental Toughness: KitBrix Triathlon Race Training Tips

by KitBrix

April 9, 2019

When you finally make the decision and sign up for a triathlon race – what may come to mind is excitement, exhilaration, anticipation and much self-talk like “Yes, I finally did it” – “I’m going to do a triathlon”. It will be one of the most mind-blowing and incredible experiences of your life.

Knowing you’re going to be part of a colossal event will get you up on those cold morning and help you to jump into chilly waters or get you running super early on a lonely road. Having the right mind set and developing a healthy attitude will set yourself up for success.

Creating a mental strategy to get you through the tough times and sticking to your plan is essential for you to succeed.


Mistakes, mishaps and slip-ups will happen and it’s all part of your training. Have fun, learn from your errors and condition your mind to enjoy every moment.
Practice, practice and practice some more is the name of the game. Knowing there will be adversity, challenges and last-minute changes will only help you to become stronger mentally and physically.
Hard work and continuing to push yourself a little more each day, build up slowly, don’t burn out too soon.

Endurance and fortitude will follow you — once you’re able to handle the pain, fatigue and exhaustion. By continuing to have staying power and persistence — it will drive you to be your best during those difficult times and when you’re questioning why you ever said yes to competing in a triathlon in the first place.

4 Mental Resilience Lessons I Top Tri Training Tips

Hire a Triathlon Coach — Your coach will help you to create a swim, run and cycle plan of action. A structured training program should be developed including building a mental strategy that will get you to master your skill and technique. Become resilient and having mental toughness is very important.
Release your feelings in a controlled way with a winning mindset. Mental sharpness comes from consistent self-talk, breathing deeply, working and progressing your training.

Fine tuning your training program including your mental and physical approach allows you to get to the build to execute phase where duration of workout is exchanged for intensity.

Obtain Self-Awareness — Understand that you will have weaknesses and challenges but bouncing back and moving forward will help you to perform with consistency. Mind over matter, setting goals and incorporating visualization will toughen you up thus creating stamina. This will result in a complete mind body synergy.
Strengthening your brain power and focus, being alert and in the moment will build mental capacity but remember it all needs to work together in order to reduce nervousness.

Watch your numbers, set small attainable goals in the beginning. Feeling sick to stomach, race jitters and mindfully going through the “what if’s” will get you ready for the race.

Staying positive and don’t put too much pressure on yourself — just be adaptable. Changes in race route, flat tires and falling during the run are all challenges you may face on race day.

Create an Athletic Mind — Brain training will improve your memory, attention, processing speed, intelligence and cognitive skills by tapping into mental exercises. Practice mindfulness – gaining better control over your thoughts will help you to respond better in difficult situations.
By anticipating tough scenarios, pushing yourself can lead to practical outcomes and serious improvements.

Brain training will help cognitive function and mental focus. Your performance is attributed to 90% mental and only 10% physical. Your brain needs to be in hear familiar words and saying your own name will help regulate your emotions.

Talking to yourself in third person like “LINDA, YOU CAN DO THIS” will push you to go farther and help regulate your emotions and improve your overall performance. Like the saying goes — Think like a champion, look like a champion, act like a champion, be a champion.

Develop Bounce Back Routine — Believe you can perform well, remember your past successes, and change your natural way of thinking by refocusing on how you behave to challenges. Think about each race in your head by seeing yourself perform the swim, run and cycle and picturing yourself accepting the gold medal will get you into the right frame of mind and help you perform at your best.
Go through all the motions in your head and repeatedly imagine yourself doing everything correct and envision spectators cheering you on.

Positive self-talk works: Say to yourself

I’m here to win!
I’m here to achieve my best!
I’m a winner!
I’m an elite athlete!
I can do this!


Remember — Everyone feels the same way you feel. All athletes get nervous, feel overwhelmed and small. The trick is to push yourself through it and know you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Visualize success, using positive self-talk and remember to be happy and think like a champion.

Don’t forget — Brain training will keep you sharp and focused, refocusing on a bounce back routine and being in the present moment will achieve a winning mindset.

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