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Six Stretch Cord Exercises for Swimmers

Six Stretch Cord Exercises for Swimmers

By Lucy Edwards

March 26, 2020

These exercises use stretch cords with handles (also known as resistance tubes), home workout equipment is selling very well right now and worth adding to your home gym! These stretch cord exercises can be done at home, in the garden or a local park- you just need something secure to wrap the cord around.


  • Secure the stretch cords around a post. Stand back and bend forwards at the waist holding the handles in front of you with some tension in the cords.
  • Pull one of the handles back to the waist, engaging the lat muscles. Hold for a second before returning to the starting position.
  • This exercise can be performed with alternate arms, or both arms together.


  • Secure the stretch cords around a post at chest height. Stand facing away, holding each handle in each hand with arms outstretched to the sides. Lean your weight slightly forwards, engaging the core.
  • Slowly bring both hands together in front of the body. Pause for a second, before returning the arms to the starting position.


  • Stand with one food securing the stretch cord. Hold each handle in each hand, arms extended, palms facing forward.
  • Slowly curl your hands up toward your shoulders, squeezing your biceps. Keep your elbows tight to the sides of your body.
  • Pause for a second before lowering your hands back to the starting position.


  • Hold the centre of the stretch cord in one hand behind your back (you could also stand on it to secure it). Hold the handle in the other hand with arm extended overhead and elbow bent.
  • Slowly raise your arm overhead, squeezing your tricep.
  • Pause for a second before lowering your hand to the starting position.
  • Switch sides and repeat with the other arm.


  • Secure the stretch cords around a post. Stand back, facing the post and holding each handle in each hand at chest height.
  • Pull your elbows back, keeping hands in line with the chest, squeezing the shoulder blades together and engaging the core.
  • Pause for a second before returning hands to the starting position.


  • Wrap the stretch cord over a post above head height. Start with your elbows by your side, and arms bent holding each handle in each hand, with palms facing down.
  • Slowly lower your hands until your arms are straight, squeezing the lat muscles and engaging the core.
  • Pause for a second before returning hands to starting position.

Repeat each of these stretch cord exercises for 3 sets of 15 reps. They will condition the muscles used in swimming and help to keep you active whilst the pool is closed. It’s also worth continuing these exercises as a pre-swim warm-up once you are able to resume swimming.

To see all of Lucy’s demonstration pictures, visit her blog here.

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