Pop-up City Triathlon

Lough Cutra Castle
26/27 May 2018

Cholmondeley Castle
23/24 June 2018

The Festival of Endurance at Hever Castle
8 July 2018

Castle Howard
21/22 July 2018

Château de Chantilly
25/26 August 2018

Hever Castle
22/23 September 2018

Schools Roadshow

SMS enhances the competitor experience

SMS enhances the competitor experience

January 24, 2017

We cater to thousands of participants ranging from seasoned to novice triathletes, children and their families. Our full-time staff, volunteers and contractors ensure that each one of our competitors remain up to date and informed from the moment they sign up to enter, to the time they finish their race. In addition to this, our team also roll-out successful marketing campaigns to attract any prospective athletes. To do this, we use a variety of marketing and communication channels, one of which is SMS text messaging.

We use SMS communications for the inaugural Hever Castle Triathlon which took place in 2009. SMS was the only channel that would allow for us to immediately and directly communicate with our competitors due to limited wifi in the area. Using the BulkSMS Desktop Software, SMS text messages were delivered to competitors’ mobile phones and provided time critical event logistics and post-event communications.

After successfully using SMS to connect with our race participants, we decided to use it as a key communication channel, therefore incorporating it firmly into our competitors communication strategy for all our events moving forward. This meant sending short and important information out via SMS to communicate to over fifteen thousand athletes during our series each year. Exact text message sent contains valuable information pertinent to the race and our competitors. These messages include information such as expected water temperatures, whether or not a wet-suit is required along with a link to further race information. Other text messages sent before each race, are personalised and include the unique race number per competitor as well as their wave and start time.

According our Communications Director, Yvonne Turner, our competitors rely hugely on the SMS messages for their race details. Yvonne says that, “Not only do the text messages contact vital information but they also ensure that the registration process is quick and hassle free. Once the competitors receives their registration SMS, they simply show it to the relevant marshal who then gives them their race pack. SMS is also great when we have logistical issues, for example, one year the GPS was unable to get competitors to the car parking efficiently, so we sent a text with directions to competitors ensuring that none were lost or stuck in traffic along the way.”

Turner continues: “Taking part in a triathlon is a big personal achievement and one worth celebrating. We are told the text message post race which includes a competitors race results listed and a congratulations is kept for a long time as they enjoy the post race exhilaration. The results are widely available online and shared within email but we like the personal touch and immediacy this delivers to our community.”

In 2017 we will be enhancing the competitor offering further by delivering online Competitor Guides detailing all the information needed on race day by a creative Mobi-gram. This means the information is easily accessible and a hopefully a helpful tool. Yvonne reckons that, “this use of the Mobi-gram feature is a great way to deploy targeted materials to an already interested audience.”

“BulkSMS.com and the Castle Triathlon Series have been in partnership since their very first race and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with them through every event. Their use of SMS is unique and it demonstrates how reliable SMS can be in an environment where effective communication is crucial. We are excited to see what the next few years have in store for both CTS and their use of our service,” says Dr Pieter Streicher, managing director of BulkSMS.com

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