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TEN Top Triathlon Training Tips

TEN Top Triathlon Training Tips

September 3, 2018

We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Hever Castle so there’s no better time than now to give you my TEN Top Triathlon Training Tips:

1. Plan your season. Planning doesn’t mean having one race pencilled in on the calendar. Ideally you need to sit down with your coach, family or friends and work backwards from your priority ‘A’ race. Periodise your training by splitting it into phases such as base, build and race specific. Schedule in other less important races in the lead up to your main race.

2. Make training enjoyable. Of course there will be days when it’s cold and wet and the thought of a long ride/run doesn’t appeal, but over all training should be something you get pleasure from. If you haven’t already, join a Triathlon club so you can meet other like minded athletes and make new friends.

3. Get a bike fitting. The correct bike fit is of great importance so seek specialist advice. Get a personalised service which takes into consideration your gender, body type, age, flexibility and more!. It can help avoid injuries, enhance efficiency, improve bike performance, optimise power output and be more comfortable – phew!

4. Perfect your technique. Training is not all about the miles, good technique saves energy and will enable you to be a more efficient athlete. Swimming is often where a superior technique can make the most gains so get some video footage of yourself swimming and then get an expert to analyse it. A few pointers could make the world of difference.

5. Vary intensity in training. This sounds obvious but you need to learn when to train hard and when to train easy. A lot of athletes train in the ‘grey’ area too much. This is when it’s neither hard or easy but in the middle. If you’re hitting race pace on a run that is supposed to be a recovery workout – you’re going too hard!

6. Practice transitions. Transitions can be the make or break of a race so incorporate some transition practice into your schedule. A few hours perfecting your swim to bike and bike to run skills could knock minutes off your finishing time. Remember the clock doesn’t stop in T1 or T2!

7. Swim in the Open Water. Being a competent swimmer in the pool is great but being familiar with open water swimming will lessen any potential panic on race morning. Always swim with a group of confident swimmers.

8. Brick sessions. It doesn’t matter how strong a runner you are, if you haven’t rehearsed running straight after a bike ride you will find it tough on the big day. Training sessions of bike to run combinations will help ease the jelly-legged feeling that most triathletes fear.

9. Master your taper. It might take a race or two to get your taper spot on so don’t worry if it doesn’t quite work out the first time. The general rule is to start tapering 1-2 weeks before your priority race by reducing the volume but maintaining some intensity in your workouts. How much to cut back is the not the same for everyone so experiment to see what suits you best.

10. Review and recover. The best way to refresh after the season, whether it was successful or not, is to have a few weeks of down time. This doesn’t have to mean doing no exercise at all, it can be a time of unstructured training, a time to try different sports or an ideal time to focus on technique and skills over all 3 disciplines.

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