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Training tips to help you stay in peak condition

Training tips to help you stay in peak condition

September 1, 2017

If this is your first season of triathlons, training may have been up until now predominantly endurance based. These steady sessions are great to give you the confidence to be able to complete the distance of your chosen triathlon.

However, now we are nearing towards the end of the season you could be experiencing a dip in enthusiasm even though you still have a race or two planned. An injection of some shorter faster sessions to up your pace might be the boost you are looking for if you are struggling for motivation.

Read on for training tips from professional triathlete and coach with, Andrea Whitcombe.

The following HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session on the bike is an intense workout, ideal if you’re strapped for time and great for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Warm up: 5 minutes easy riding
Spin up drills: 4 x (30 seconds @ 110 rpm, 30 seconds @ choice cadence)
Set: 2-3 sets of the following (60 seconds HARD, 2 minutes easy spin recovery, 45 seconds HARD, 2.15 minutes easy spin recovery, 30 seconds HARD, 2.30 minutes easy spin recovery, 15 seconds HARD, 2.45 minutes easy spin recovery.
Cool down: 5 minutes easy riding

The run session below can be completed on the track, road or grass. Use a terrain that you are familiar with.

Warm up: 5 minutes easy running
Strides: 4 x 15 seconds acceleration, 45 seconds easy jog recovery
Set: 8-10 x 400m with 90 seconds walk/slow jog recovery.
Aim is to run these at slightly faster than your 5k desired race pace.
Cool down: 5 minutes jog

The following swim session looks easy but if you swim the 50m at your best pace you’ll be surprised how tough it really is. It’s an ideal session when the pool is busy as the shorter repetitions mean that you shouldn’t have to navigate past too many slower swimmers! The recovery is fairly long but if you are in a public session you may need to adjust it so that you fit in with the swimmers around you.

Warm up: Up to 400m of mixed strokes and drills to suit
Build efforts: 4 x 50m getting quicker throughout each 50m so that you finish the last 10-15m of each repetition fast. Recovery 20-30 seconds.
Set: 10-15 x 50m with 60 seconds complete rest.
Aim is to swim these at your best effort on all without getting slower on each repetition.
Cool down: Up to 400m of mixed strokes

The amount of sets/repetitions depend upon your current fitness level. It is important to incorporate recovery sessions in between these harder workouts so this is the perfect time to focus on technique and skill.

Roll on the next race!

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