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Transition Tips - Be Smart, Be Fast & Be Prepared

Transition Tips - Be Smart, Be Fast & Be Prepared

May 2, 2018

1. Practice, practice and practice again. Get set up in your yard, driveway or garden, find a quiet place at work or even down at the local club and set out your own little transition. Set out a little run from the swim to your bike (T1), set out mount & dismount lines and then a route from bike out onto run (T2). Pay extra attention to your mount and dismount on the bike, take your time and perfect it and never panic.

2. When you get to your race walk through your transitions. Take your time to walk from swim to bike (T1). Then walk out onto the bike mount line and take your bike out for a spin (if possible) for a km or two identifying a few landmarks so you know you are close to the dismount line on the way back to transition and you can start preparing your dismount. Then walk from the dismount line back to your bike position and get T2 completed for you final effort out onto the run.

3. Set up your kit in the right order. This will come from your practice and be in the order that you find best and quickest for yourself. It’s always best to lay a towel or mat down to put everything on and also don’t have anything lying around that you are not going to use. Make sure your helmet is the first thing you put on in T1 and the last thing you take off in T2. That way you will never go wrong or get a time penalty.

4. Visualise your transitioning. After you have your walk through done go through the T1 & T2 route in your mind along with your kit and clothing changes. Also when you are in the last few metres of the swim and last few km’s of the bike visualize the path ahead and your route through transition. This will help to focus on the job at hand and get you through in quick time.

5. Make sure your bike isn’t in the hardest gear you have especially if you are starting into a head wind or on a slight uphill just as you leave the mount line. The last thing you want is to be struggling trying to get the bike going.

6. Remember, “the pie isn’t perfect! Cut it into wedges. Stay in control and never panic” Martha Stewart.

About the Author – Jonathan Gibson, The Athlete Clinic
Jonathan Gibson is a High Performance Coach guiding athletes across many sports to their chosen goals. He coaches on the Domestic, European & World circuits. As an athlete himself, he has set national records & won medals as an elite national/international swimmer & cyclist. Jonathan has been involved in High Performance sport for over 35 years as an athlete & coach. He set up and manages the under 23 Irish Talented Athlete Programme (ITAP) and guided the Galway Baybes Female Cycling Team to their National Record in the 2,212km Race Around Ireland in 2017. He believes in the KISS, “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. He operates from the Athlete Clinic in Galway.

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