Pop-up City Triathlon

Lough Cutra Castle
26/27 May 2018

Cholmondeley Castle
23/24 June 2018

The Festival of Endurance at Hever Castle
8 July 2018

Castle Howard
21/22 July 2018

Château de Chantilly
25/26 August 2018

Hever Castle
22/23 September 2018

Schools Roadshow
July 2018

Race Preparation

To get the most out of your event day, we recommend being completely prepared. From taking out the right insurance, having the right gear and completing the right training schedule. See our experts offering’s here.


Training Overview

thetrilife is a leading triathlon coaching company in the UK and we have been providing high quality coaching services for every triathlete from the absolute beginner through to the age grouper and elite athlete since 2008.

Our world class coaches include former elite athletes, GB Olympic team coaches. coaches leading the way in junior coaching, a doctor, a physiotherapist and a sports psychologist. We are delighted to be once again delivering a range of coaching services to Castle Triathlon Series athletes. Our coaches know the venues, the races and we know the challenges that you will be facing if this is your first sprint or long distance event or if you want to podium!

Coaching means different things to different people. At thetrilife.com coaching means helping an athlete reach their goals whatever they may be and doing this in a way that is fun, engaging and that will fit in with busy lives.

When you take part in your triathlon you want to be in the best possible shape physically and mentally, to either have a brilliant experience with your friends or, for some of you, to come as high in the rankings as possible. Either way this is not going to happen without gaining knowledge, developing your skills and doing the right training at the right time. As an experienced coaching team we think we have a good idea of what you need and we have developed a number of ways that we can make your race the best day of your life (we are always happy to hear about other ways that we can support you!)

How Can We Help?

There are two areas, as a triathlete new or old, that you need to get right a) you need to have skills and endurance and b) you need to know what you are doing on race day. Here is how we can help you:

  • Simple to follow training plans for all abilities and race distances
  • CTS Training Club – do the right thing at the right time
  • 12 week programs to work on a particular skill – our Transformer series – develop your skills
  • Race preparation days at the venue of your race – no questions unanswered
  • Childrens open water swimming and transition training
  • Regular training advice through our newsletter
  • Join a Facebook training group of CTS athletes – you are not alone!

Training programmes

Many people are capable of completing a sprint distance triathlon with some swim, bike and running each week without worrying about how much or what sort of training they are doing.

But what if you:

  • really want to do the best that you can?
  • don’t want to waste time doing training that is not going to help
  • want to beat your friends
  • want to have a really great day!
  • are competing in a longer distance race – Olympic distance or longer?

Well – then you need a plan.

thetrilife.com has prepared plans for every Castle Triathlon Series event. For those just starting out we are offering a FREE plan for our Starter Sprint races.

Join the CTS Training Club!

The CTS Training Club, powered by the professional coaches of thetrilife.com, is your most affordable way to follow a structured training plan, that is just right for you as a triathlete and is tailored to your event. CTS Training Club provides delivers plans for all levels of ability from the first time super sprint triathlete through to those looking to qualify for Age Group international racing or tackling the Gauntlet.

Race Preparation Days

For many people entering the Sprint, Sprint Plus and Olympic distance races this is their first triathlon. We know it can be daunting – where do you go and what do you do? What if you have never swum in open water before?

We all like to be prepared – this improves our confidence and confidence improves our performance. This is why thetrilife.com com will be offering Race Preparation Days at Cholmondeley Castle, Castle Howard and Hever Castle. In convenient 3 hour sessions, our experienced coaches will help you prepare for your event by teaching you new skills and answering all your questions.

Race distances

Race distances

For the absolute beginners and children to the professional triathletes, the Castle Triathlon Series offers a wealth of race distances to suit all levels.

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Hosted at a selection of stunning and iconic castles across the UK, Ireland and France, the Castle Triathlon Series events all promise an inspirational and memorable race experience.

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Take part

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and tailored offering for all those wishing to take part and grateful for all those who want to be involved on the day.

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We would always recommend training in preparation for any event, but how much you do, and the style you take is down to you.

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