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Join The Keep™ at Castle Triathlon Series

We are pleased to introduce a new loyalty club rewarding competitors who ‘keep’ coming back for more!

Introducing the Castle Triathlon Series Loyalty CLUB

We hugely appreciate the loyalty that many of you show to the Series choosing to ‘tri’, swim and run with us year-on-year.

With this mind we’ve set up The Keep, our Loyalty Club for returning competitors. We have some exciting rewards and benefits for those qualifying to join us in ‘The Keep’ starting with competitors who have taken part in ten races since 2014.

In medieval times European nobility built a Keep as a self-sufficient structure within a castle that defenders could retreat to as a last resort during battle to stay safe. In the same way ‘The Keep’ Loyalty Club aims to nurture and look after our loyal competitors.


The CLUB rewards for TEN races

  • FREE* race for everyone who has taken part in ten races with us
  • Up to five FREE spectator passes at any one event
  • Discounts on partner products, TBC for 2020
  • Discounted race places at our sister events; Run or Dye and Commando Series
  • Free Adult or Family Mixed Relay entry


  • Free race for everyone who has entered 10 or more race entries for any Castle Triathlon Series event since the 2014 season. Entries in name of participant only (family entries excluded).
  • Races are based on individual races. Relay entry registrations do not qualify.
  • Free race will be of a distance that is equivalent to the mode average (one that is repeated more often than any other)
  • The free race cannot exceed the value of the highest ticket value previously purchased.
  • The Keep member may choose to gift their free place if they do not wish to use it. This does not apply to the other benefits.
  • If more than 10 qualifying race places have been purchased and one of more of those places include an entry in the current season, The Keep member may request to either obtain a refund or gift their free race place.
  • Free race place or refund claims must be made by email request of the qualifying individual or parent.
  • The loyalty points can be re-booted with another free race after a further ten.

Quick fire questions

How do you join the club?
It is down to the participant to contact us if you think you have reached the double figures! Please email us on We’d hate you to miss out!

Once you have won an award, can you receive another?
Absolutely. As we start to see competitors reach over ten races we will be sure to announce more premium rewards for those extra loyal followers who hit twenty four.

Can a family claim collective races, e.g. between four of us we have raced 8 distances?
We are suggesting this club rewards individuals and would love to see you race 10 yourself. We may well look to include a family loyalty award going forward.

Are elites included in the Club?
Elites are in our separate Elite Club with added value support and race places. The Keep is for everyone, a chance to get a reward of your own even if the podium is a distant prospect.

Will I get a membership card or number?
Yes, we will send you a card in the post.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that the CLUB is taking in to consideration races / entries from 2014 onwards. It doesn’t date back to previous years we’re afraid due to different registration systems.
  • Includes those registered to take part even if didn’t make the race day.
Race distances

Race distances

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Trade your time for a free race place! We offer a Volunteer Scheme, whereby a free race is given in return for a day’s marshalling at any one of the Castle Triathlon Series events. (terms apply)

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